Study 101: Finding motivation

I’m currently in the middle of exams. During this time I sometimes find it hard to keep being motivated. However there are some things that help me to find the motivation I need. Read on to discover what I do to stay motivated.

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How to make your resolutions happen

It is the 9th January, we are nine days in the new year. I bet some people out there already that have difficulties with sticking with there new year resolutions. I get it, it is not easy. But here are some tips for making sure that this year your resolutions come true. Continue reading “How to make your resolutions happen”

Cozy programs to watch immediately

A cozy program is one of my favorite kind of tv-series. For me a cozy program is a program that you watch with a blanket over you maybe sip a cup of thee (or other hot drink of choice). The show makes your heart feel warm, it’s fun and often there isn’t a lot of drama. There isn’t much action going on either, it’s more a look in the life of a family or town. Which makes it very relatable.

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2018 favorites

Since it is the last day of 2018 so I thought it is the perfect time to look back to the year. 2018 was a wonderful year for my personal life. I’ve learned a lot, I have grown and I had fun. What else can you wish for? Here is a list of songs, movies, products and books I absolutely loved in 2018. 

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Rituals Advent Calendar: what’s in it?

Christmas came to an end and so did the advent calendar. Here is an overview of what was in it and if I tested it what I think of it. Generally speaking I can tell you that I absolutely LOVED the calendar, mainly because the fragrance of the products are great and subtle.

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Christmas movie marathon: what to watch

It is almost Christmas!! Oh I can’t wait! On Christmas day I have the tradition of watching one Christmas movie after the other. I always look forward to this day, because it is a cosy day where you can just sit in your couch with a blanket and a hot drink. It is a day without any worries, not thinking about exams/school, not looking on my phone. Just spending time with my family watching movies. If you also want to have a Christmas movie marathon, or if you are looking for just one good movie, than read on!

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Study 101 : FAQ Exams

Exams are coming up. This means that stress levels are rising and energy levels are crashing. We are all looking at the most efficient ways to study every course and still have time to sleep. We all want to succeed and put pressure on ourself. How to survive exams? It’s a question we all want answers too. I can’t give you the perfect answer, but what I can give you is my tips and tricks on surviving exams. Here is a list of frequently asked questions about exams (and my answers).

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Advent calendar: the best present you can give (yourself)


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You probably know advent calendar from when you were younger: every day you could eat one piece of chocolate. The delicious good old times. Good news, even as a grown up you can enjoy these advent calendars. You can still buy the chocolate ones, or you buy one with goodies in it. Every year big brands design an advent calendar filled with their products. This year is no exception. Want to buy one, but don’t know which brands sell them? I’ve got your back, I’ve searched for five different advent calendars you can buy.

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