#YARC2019 : Reading Challenge

This year I decided to participate in a reading challenge. On the blog of Sprinkles of Dreams I saw that she and three fellow bloggers started a reading challenge. They challenge their readers/followers to read as many books by Asian authors or with Asian representation.

This challenge sounds really excited, doesn’t it? I decided to participate because I realized I barely read books with Asian representation and I don’t know any Asian authors. By participating in this challenge I will discover new authors and new books, and who know, maybe I’ll read a new favorite.

When filling out the participation from I decided to just go for the challenge of reading 1 to 10 books. I know it is not a lot, however I also know I often overestimate how many books I can read in a year. I know I have busy year in front of me, so realistically speaking 1 to 10 books will already be a challenge. Hopefully this challenge will give me a boost to make more time for reading.

Philippine tarsier: 1-10 books (source)

Do you like to follow my journey? Go to my tracker page, there you’ll see how many books I’ve read and which ones.

If you have any recommendation for books or authors or both, please let me know in the comments, message me through instagram or just tweet me.

Do you also want to participate? Here is a link to Sprinkles of Dreams blogpost: #YARC2019


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